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Agree with you completely jungle.

Ballinlough is the one area of Cork which is well supplied by schools such as St Anthony’s, Regina Mundi, Eglantine, OLOL, etc. Would it not cross the minds of the city planners that it might be a good idea to build family homes rather than empty blocks of apartments in these areas?

Why not build apartment blocks in areas where people can walk to work and build family homes in areas where children can walk to school.

Is it perhaps that developers view such suburban apartment developments as more profitable with less risk rather than the proper development of brownfield sits such as the docklands? If a historic building gets knocked in the process, who cares if developers are still making money? If school children get knocked down by a juggernaut while walking to school, what were these children walking to school in the first place? Surely, the developer is better off if these childtren are living in a housing estate out in the blue yonder enjoying a 45 minute commute to school during rush hour in a 4WD!

No wonder the people of Cork are angry!

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