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As I’ve posted before, I have some sympathy for those who were opposed to the demolition of Lovett’s. The building is of local historical importance. If development is needed in the area, how about looking at the Murphy’s Haulage yard on the Ballinlough Road. It would come with the added benefit of no more juggernauts on a road that can’t take them.

I also have qualms about suburban medium-rise in general. It’s fine to go up in an area where people walk to work or along the railway lines. I think it’s OK in the Victoria/Dennehy’s Cross area where it is close to CIT and UCC. It’s probably OK around Jacob’s Island where people can at least get straight onto the dual-carriageway. But putting 50 people per acre – all of whom will need to drive to work – into an area with no transport links will lead to clogged up roads and bad local air pollution.

The city needs to go up instead of out, but it needs to be done in a considered way supported by existing or planned infrastructure.

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