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@KenzoTange wrote:

Heard today that plans to demolish Lovetts to replace by four-storey apartment block have been panned. Not sure if it was the threat of ‘revolution on the strreets’ or the prospect of empty apartments, or combination of both, which prompted the change of mind.

The property market has dampened considerably in recent weeks

It is certainly true that the NIMBY’s are out in full force again in the Douglas, Mahon, Blackrock area of the city objecting to apartments on the site of the Lovett’s Restaurant, Springville House and Manakin.
Councillor Shannon has thrown his rattle out of the playpen jumped on his moral high horse to join the anti high rise crew of CCC (high rise = 3 storeys !!)
I am open to correction Kenzo Tange but my understanding is that the decision due date has been extended for 6 months in the case of Springville House (normal enough practice), and the other two are proceeding as normal??

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