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🙂 Today’s announcement by Minister Martin of European funding for the Cork Docklands Development will no doubt be welcomed by City Manager Joe Gavin who has endured years of foot dragging by the Cork Mafia, vested interests, uninterested city “fathers” (councilors) and the Munster Agricultural Society thus delaying his ambitious plans for this vital development for the city.
Any other City Manager in the past 20 years would have washed their hands of this development, went for a pint in the Market Bar, drew his 3 grand per week salary, and declared a curse on all their houses.
Love him, or hate him, you have to admit that Mr. Gavin has balls (and neck!!)

p.s. his performance related pay bonus may have something to do with this? (11 million in development levies last year alone for CCC??)

What was it you said he had?

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