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Its happened again….

This evening In Carrigtwohill, a small village just 10 miles outside the city, A local landmark, which had stood on the main st for well over 100 years was “knocked”, In spite of the frontage being Subject to a preservation order.
Barry Bros of main st, formerly centra, suffered some inexplicable structural difficulty while it was being “renovated” which meant the entire building was knocked unceremoniusly this evening, and quite unprofessionaly too, in my opinion. I understand the roof collapsed last night after those involved in renovations removed a supporting pillar from the lower floor.
The Building, which is the end building on the Main st formes the corner at the Entrance to St Als convent. It was knocked using a Loadalls bucket. No bracing is in place to support the adjoining Shop, Forrests.

Locals are wondering when the bulldozer will arrive to do similar to Barryscourt Castle.

Its nothing other than Pure vandalism.

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