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Spinal Tap

@kite wrote:

For all his faults Mr. Joe Gavin has been absolutely consistent in his drive to provide Cork with a conference centre and has identified the area surrounding Kent Station as his preferred location for same.
I wonder if the developers who expressed an interest in building the centre will be but off the idea by the piecemeal development of Kent?
CIE’s heel dragging on their site has caused nothing but trouble for the Manager and the city, I feel the past history on this site (O’Callaghan / Coveney) is making them slow to commit to redevelopment.

Kents Station is dragging on for years and only goes to show how Cork always loses out to funding,from the new airport to the delayed school of music,decentralisation….roll on the next election.
Mockery of the highest order and only goes to keep up the image of how hard it is to get development in the “second”city for “high rise” i.e.anything over 3 -storeys.Mary Leland writing weekly in the Sunday Independent knocking anything that is happening in the city waffling from her comfy house on about new developments and everybody dhould have an uninterrupted view of St.Finnbars Cathedral.Dublin is to get a 17,500 seat conference / concert centre,Dundalk a 8,000 seat centre.Killarneys hotels are full as the NEC holds 4,500.Our business leaders are weak,our TD’s are moribund and as for our planners………….

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