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whats the story with kent station? I thought they were planning to turn it around to face the river and expand it to the size and standard of heuston station!? It nows seems like they have setteled for a small scale redevelopment which is after getting me thinking and it seems this is always the case in Cork, we never seem to be ambitious and think big when it comes to building and development and this can be seen by the mindless fools who keep fighting high rise developments (3 storys, in fairness they go on about Cork being a exciting vibrant developing european city and they fight developments over 3 storys)!I really cant stand these people, why dont they shag off to a village or small town somewhere if thats the way they want to it because you cant have both and Cork is going to struggle and lose its location as the second city with people like this holding it back! Another example is the event centre which is a really important development for the city for the above reasons and really has to be sorted out fast before limerick gets there first and again we aim for a 5000 seat centre and limerick plans a 8000 seater and the point is to double its capacity which proves my point!if there was any ambitious developers and city planners there they would work to get Cork a 8-10,000 multi purpose seater centre like the odessy in belfast which would be the most benificial to the city! Just on this point aswell and iv mentioned this before but I was in Limerick the other day and it seems a much more developed city and I just cant understand this? I was in the roxboro,castletroy area and it was much more developed than anywhere in Cork id say, there was shopping centres,food outlets retail parks with stores that are not evan in Cork yet and I just cant understand this for a place that at least has double the population and to make matters worse they will probably get the conference centre before us aswell the way its going! Just wondering does anyone have an answer to this, is it the city planners holding Cork back or are the developers just not ambitious enough or whats the story?:mad:

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