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@mhenness wrote:

From the following link it looks clear that Irish Rail are not going to carry out the original plans 🙁

Why does nobody kick up about this kind of thing? We were supposed to get a reconfigured station on the quay thus bringing it much nearer to town. The main bus station was to move there too with Horgan’s Quay being a feeder station. It was supposed to be a huge project, not a €4m temporary fix-it.

I’m telling you, we really should declare Independence down here and take our oil/gas reserves to our new State. The chances of getting any proper infrastructural investment in this Country anywhere other than Dublin are zilch (and no, a road linking Dublin with Cork is not infrastructural investment in Cork. Our “National” roads merely link Dublin with everywhere, that is it). In fairness to the Dubs, fair play if they can get away with siphoning the nation’s taxes for their own use. I just cannot believe the rest of the country, including “Rebel” Cork, is so docile when it happens.

Rant over. Have a good weekend.

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