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@jungle wrote:

I have a little sympathy for the councillors in this case. High rise development is only appropriate in conjunction with decent public transport (or locations that are walkable to places of employment/retail/entertainment) and neither of the sites mentioned have that.

High rise along rail lines, bus routes (with at least a bus every 10 minutes) or potential future light rail routes is acceptable, but it’s not appropriate in all locations.

If the councillors actually did something about the transport in the first place we wouldnt be having this argument. Councillors are in effect powerless and should either be abolished or a full review of their duties and expenses should be completed.

You have to have sympathy for Lake Lawn, there should be no green areas extinguished. My general point is that I agree completely that the transport links need to be in place before the high rise in the suburbs takes place, but there should be no reason why there cant be high rise in town.

Douglas is a nightmare for traffic and until something is done about it, then it will just get worse, I dont see the councillors trying to sort it out, they have to rely on teh NRA which is completely out of their hands.

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