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@kite wrote:

Plus, other then the President who was the patron, Cork 2005 had 16 members of the Board, 32 staff, 6 manning the information centre, 11 consultants, and 9 interns, 74 in total.

That and all the Bayeux stitchers much have consumed most, if not all -and indeed a bit more than – the direct income of 320 million Euro. So, Cork’s rejoinder to the Norman invasion of England will probably end up costing the City!

Kite, you forgot the carol concert in Cork Cathedral with all the good and the great attending under the baton of Gaybo – including Johnny Buckley in a fetching blue geansai. Maybe the knitted map of Cork could be hung up in the Cork Cathedral – it would at least relieve the dullness left after Richard Hurley and Alex White. Otherwise, I am all in agreement for sending it towards the Kinsale Road infill – if it would be big enough to take it all!!

Have you any idea of the number of sheep involved and what it cost to persuade them to molt their fine fleeces?

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