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The new Terminal at Cork Airport is lovely to look at and inside, it’s large and relatively well laid out. Certainly it could do with more (working) air bridges, but we’ve got to realise that the airlines themselves are the ones which won’t use them!

The main problem I see with the airport at the moment is that for all its new finery, it is still staffed by people who are at best, work shy!
What’s the point in having a huge bank of check in desks if there’s only one person to check in a flight. Queues are the inevitable result.
What’s the point in having four new baggage reclaim carosels if you’ve got one guy to unload the plane and transport them to the terminal and laod them on the carosel. It doesn’t help that yer man thinks he’s in some sort of slow bicycle race either.

Forget about a new terminal, just get new (and more) staff.

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