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Here is an interesting letter from today’s olim Cork Examiner:

22 September 2006

Airport well below best international standards

CORK airport marketing manager Kevin Cullinane (Irish Examiner letters, September 18) says their aim is to deliver a “quality travel experience” to best international standards.

Is he serious?

He tells us the new airport terminal is three times bigger than the old one. So what? The old one had a viewing area — the new one does not. But it does have overpriced bars and cafés — and passengers still get wet boarding flights.

Mr Cullinane says passengers have benefited. How?

There is no parallel taxiway and landing aids have not been improved. Cork must be the only airport in the world that employs a diverter — are we not diverting enough already?

Cork Airport Authority will have to improve its performance. Hardly a week goes by when we don’t hear of an airline pulling out or reducing services.

The board should stop admiring their new building and start talking to the airlines while we still have them.

There’s a lot to do if Cork is to come anywhere near the best in Ireland, never mind the world.

Francis O’Mahony
Co Cork

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