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@THE_Chris wrote:

Idiots. Absolute, complete, idiots.

1) Putting a P&R facility at the main intersection between the N8 and N25. The traffic is bad there already. With this, the P&R, the 700 houses to be built on the green space in the left of the picture, the NORTH RING ROAD and we have a disaster waiting to happen.

2) Long term plans to freeflow that roundabout. How the hell are they going to put slips in with a dirty great facility there?

I really wonder sometimes what these people are smoking.

A far better thing would be to buy part of the car storage plant near the Glanmire roundabout. Traffic not so bad, its not built at a bloody BOTTLENECK and the carpark facility is almost there already. Solving the railway line crossing wouldnt be too bad either.

Some idiots in the planning office though, jeez.

I agree with your views on this P&R The_Chris.
Who owns the land for the P&R?

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