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Hopefully this’ll get the thread back on track 🙂

I’ve taken a few more pics of the juries development, that glass part on the front is starting to look pretty good I think.

BTW, will these buildings have maybe restaurants, etc at the ground floor? It doesn’t look like there’ll be any extra entrances apart from the main ones so most likely the area around the buildings will feel dead, unlike what’s shown in this image:

It’s been ages since renders of new proposals have been posted. That’s actually one of the main reasons why I come to this site, to hear about plans for buildings and what’s in store for the future.

Anyone know what’s going on with this development? I remember hearing that the choice was between this and another design and that this got chosen. Is it still going ahead? Pity if it isn’t since this definitely was one of my favourites.

Also can anyone tell me where this one will be? I can’t remember, one of the nicer ones aswell I think.

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