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@phil wrote:

I think it is fair to say that this thread is very difficult to follow. It seems to jump all over the place with people disccusing retail most of the time. Interesting issues (such as those recently highlighted about paving) get buried in the back pages before anyone gets a chance to discuss them properly. Then when they are raised again it is hard to follow the origins of the discussion.

No more so than the O’Connell Street thread which has discussed the Liffey boardwalk and the College Green area in extensive detail. It’s also nearly 10 times bigger than this one. On the foot of somebody who wasn’t a regular poster and perhaps reader of the thread — might even have been you?? — complaining about the previous Cork thread, it was locked. Posts like yours are likely to do it again. Regular readers had no problem following that discussion and enjoyed it – it’s no coincidence that the number of posts has fallen since then and the best and most regular poster has stopped posting entirely. New threads were brought in, the majority of which died a death. Search this thread to find info you’re interested in – It’s pure laziness to say it’s too difficult to follow.

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