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@wearnicehats wrote:

Wow, Hugh Pearman must be shaking in his boots.

The photos of it aren’t that great but the one of the glazed corner looks interesting – I assume that that is the lift core? A hotel by definition is repetitive so the bedrooms will always be so. It’s hard to see but are the windows of the bedrooms projected? I know it’s not brick because I was dealing with Techrete on another job. This leaves you with the public areas and the circulation areas to express which they seem to have done. I remember doing some work for Jurys a few years back and, believe me, they don’t splash much cash. It looks like it would have benfitted from a set back top floor – planning issue? Anyway, I haven’t seen the hotel the flesh and I can’t form any opinion based on fuzzy photos but I’m going to be in Cork next month so i’ll be able to take a more informed view then.

The Jury’s redevelopment is very much a 21st century version of what it replaces. Cheap cheap cheap. Only this time on a larger more repetitious scale. Given the layout of the site, this has a damaging impact on most of Lancaster Qy. Incidentally Jurys are not the developers, it is OCP who are to blame for not splashing much cash at this.

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