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Thanks for your replies.

From my understanding of the plan there is no rezoning decided for the area in the development plan itself. The village was included in Volume II of the 2001 plan

from page 12 of the plan.

“As outlined above, the 2001 County Development Plan consists of three volumes, Volume I – Objectives for the County at Large, Volume II – Written Statement and Detailed Objectives for Towns and Villages inclusive of book of maps and Volume III – Conservation. In order to marry the form of the existing County Development Plan with the Planning & Development Acts 2000 – 2002, a twin-tracked approach is being adopted in this current review process. The new Draft County Development Plan will consist of a single document comprising of a revised and updated Volume I and III, whilst individual Local Area Plans for the Towns and Villages (replacing Volume II) will be prepared over the course of the next couple of years. In such instances where a local area plan (LAP) has not been prepared for a town or village (previously the subject of a town or village plan in Volume II of the 2001 County Development Plan) on adoption of the new county plan, the existing plan for the particular town or village will remain in force (i.e. will continue to operate as the statutory plan for the area) until such time as the LAP replaces it. It is intended that all such LAPs will be prepared and adopted within the immediate two years preceding the adoption of the county plan.”

I’m making the not too wild assumption that ‘preceding’ is a mistake here as it doesn’t make much sense. Elsewhere, it states again that Local Area Plans must be prepared “within 2 years of the adoption of this County Development Plan”

from page 14

“The assessment of the individual land use zoning submissions in towns and villages is not subject to the Draft County Development Plan but the preparation of the individual Local Area Plans. The Draft County Development Plan will establish the strategic context in which the various Local Area Plans will be prepared.”

The current map and objectives in the draft are unchanged from that adopted in 2001. So unless I’ve missed something, the DP itself doesn’t have any implications for zoning in the area as it’s to be covered in the LAP.

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