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While I think the Tribune story on issues regarding shoreline leases is a bit of a red herring, the alternative seafront concepts put forward for public consultation were always predicated on the availability of central Govt funding, and were far more ambitious that a straightforward “Dun Laoghaire Baths” solution.

It’s now abundantly clear that the necessary central Govt funding for either scheme is unlikely to materialise. Indeed, it was always a very long shot that it would, even if the country wasn’t in recession.

The “Lagoon Beach” element of Concept A, priced at c. €32m, is fairly close to my original “Dun Laoghaire Plage” proposal ( for which I’ve received none of the €23.7m in consultancy fees) and – surprise, surprise – I’m still in favour of that element progressing.

The worst possible outcome would be a wasted investment in re-instating the baths, broadly as they previously existed. Better to bulldoze the entire structure into the sea and let the winos, seagulls, feral cats, urban foxes, buddleias etc colonise the site.

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