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@kefu wrote:

Certain segments don’t seem to care enough to stop buildings like this falling into extraordinary disrepair and do nothing to stop that.
It’s only their actual physical removal that bothers them and I for one can’t understand the sentiment that would prefer to see a decrepit old building of little or no archictectural merit left in situ just for the sake of it.

I think that the reason for this is often more related to the fact that we feel so disempowered in terms of decision making that it is only when certain structures are actually gone that we start to seek out reasons for their removal, and who is responsible for such. Of course the other reason is that they are so ingrained in our everyday experience that we take them somewhat for granted.

Much of what seems to be lost in the conservation debate is the degree to which buildings are appreciated for reasons way beyond their architectural merits or otherwise. Whilst an ‘expert’ might say it is of no architectural significance, they might just as easily miss out on other issues that are just as important.

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