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It is not easy being a planner. The country is full of bright, attractive young architects from around the world. Each one has an ego larger than the size of Belturbet. Their ideas and ways to ‘improve’ the environment are revolutionary. Be it sustainability, higher density, public transport or cool once-off housing. Some ideas come out of magazines, and are recycled back into planning submissions. The architects wish to make Ireland into a laboratory for building cool stuff out of magazines! Look! They have realistic visualisations too!

What is happening to this country? Planners feel they are on the wrong side of the fence. They are selling innovation at a point when the market buys creativity. Planners who would have sat quietly in their cubicles doing traffic studies, are suddenly emboldened. Planners wish to ‘approve’ 3D Visuals and call themselves ‘urban placemakers’. 3D visualisation allows a planner this augmented view into the designer’s mind. The designer’s imagination is transcribed into digital information and printed onto glossy paper. I think it is a cheap and nasty approximation.

Brian O’ Hanlon.

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