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@wexfordplanner wrote:

Thanks for all the helpful replies.

I was wondering what people would think of a possible re-working of the Part 5 Social / Affordable Housing. As this currently really only applies to urban projects / zoned land, could a new section be added to local authorities Housing Strategy about restoring derelict dwellings. Instead of giving 20% or a financial contribution, is it posible to give developers another option, to restore derelict rural dwellings instead. This would not only contribute to the housing supply in rural areas, but would also clear eyesores, protect our built heritage and would enable developers to make a true contribution to the housing supply in this country? A booklet could be produced for each LA with details of derelict dwellings such as owners, things to be protected, projected costs etc….., to make the process a bit easier.

What do people think? Would this work?

I have been researching grants for restoring derelict Irish dwellings in connection with a long-term project of my own. They are out there, but you have to look quite hard, and there is a distinct lack of co-ordinated approach, which is undoubtedly contributing to the high number of derelict dwellings around. I am not sure if it is still available, but one of the less positive initiatives I have seen during my research is the offer of a €10,000 tax incentive from the government towards construction of a new dwelling (in place of an existing one – why not just repair what’s there?), to encourage people to stay in rural areas.

On a more positive note, the Irish Georgian Society has a summary of some of the grants available, see:

Your suggestion for re-working Part 5 sounds like a good idea – it certainly ought to be the case – an additional benefit would be a reduction in the number of new-builds. However, I would prefer to see the restorations undertaken by people with appropriate skills and knowledge (ie in traditional methods and materials), rather than letting your average developer loose on a diminisihing and fragile resource.

My own idea is to restore derelict dwellings (using traditional materials/techniques, and sustainable technologies) and rent them out as affordable housing. (Seems like the perfect partner for the Part 5 idea :D) The multiple benefits (ie provision of affordable housing, protection of Irish heritage, bringing buildings back into use, rural regeneration, implementation of sustainable technology, use of sustainably-produced materials, etc) make the project an attractive option for grant-funding on several counts and from various sources. The main problems I am experiencing with getting this off the ground are: a) currently being located in UK, so it is difficult to do the research and make personal contact with the relevant people][/color]

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