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My problem with the dual facade treatments, as has been touched on above, is primarily the lack of respect shown to the graveyard. It’s treated simply as a visual amenity space for the benefit of the building, regardless of the impact the building has on the graveyard itself. The quality of the graveyard as an element of the streetscape was largely due to its hidden nature, something that was stumbled on when approached. This facade announces it from afar and dilutes the planarity of the street fronts. The site should never have been treated as a corner site with the usual ‘3-D / in-the-round’ sculptural approach that that implies.

I still disagree with your ‘signature building’ argument. It’s only a signature building because it was designed as a signature building. There was no a priori case for putting a signature building here. So to say ‘As a signature building, it has claim to a subtle deviation from the established rules’ sort of reminds me of Sean Dunne’s approach at Jury’s which, in essence, comes across as ‘We have decided that X is required, therefore X is required’.

For the record, I do quite like the building- as you say, the quality of the materials and craftsmanship is undeniable. I just think it’s in the wrong location. Is it too late to transplant it to Belfield? It’d sure be better than the crud proposed by Supreme Leader His Eminence President Doctor Brady.

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