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Alonso – the gaelic thing was merely exploiting the concept of precedence and worse case scenarios. And I’m afraid you were the one that said the fence was to keep people/dogshit/bottles out, not the ball in. So a gaelic pitch would also need a fence. They have nets behind the goals, but they’re separate to a fencing system. Aside from that, I get what you’re saying. I think you and I won’t agree on this one, but I appreciate your comments. They’re valid arguments, and the same discussion we’re having about this development has happened in the local community.

Blisterman – I’m going to point back to these quotes:

“the practical and sensible needs of the footballers conflict with a landscape which was created to serve artistic ends rather than more practical playing field purposes.”

“The utilitarian needs of the Football Club conflict with the aesthetic need to preserve the open and undisturbed serene quality of the existing landscape.”

This is the main reason why I’m against this enclosure. Discussing the appropriate percentage of a public space best given exclusively to sporting clubs is probably going nowhere. The other reason I’m against it is the planning method.

I still believe the whole thing should have been open to a public planning process. It wasn’t. My initial post was pointing out a legal, but questionable, application route. To give a slightly comparable example – the infamous Metropanel applications were also questionable, and also refer to “public” places, but were (afaik) legal. Because of Deerpark and Metropanel, I have zero faith remaining in the planning system in this country. I know they had some beauties before that, but those two were my straw/camel-spine.

If anyone wants to continue this discussion, they should perhaps concentrate on whether or not a private entity should be able to fence off an area of a park/public space that had been open to the public for decades. I’d be interested in hearing opinions on that matter. If you don’t know Deerpark, please refer to the quotes above and take them to be accurate. My map thingy isn’t half as good as those quotes, and I also made the box bit too small (then didn’t saved a layered file – duh). And feel free to discuss how important is it to ALWAYS save a layered file, no matter how throwaway you think the job is.

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