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Strangely, this is the closest dedicated thread there is to the Custom House…

Anyway, just reading a brief interview with Christine Casey, author of ‘Dublin’, part of the ‘Buildings of Ireland’ series just published, she highlights apparently for the first time that the rebuilding of the drum of the Custom House in Ardbraccan limestone rather than Portland stone was as much down to political pressure as it was financial!
Pressure was brought to bear in ensuring that a ‘native’ stone would be used in the rebuilding, especially in light of the significant quantities of Portland that had already been imported for other parts of the project.
She notes that the reconstruction budget had already significantly overun by the time the application for funds for the drum rebuilding was made, so it was inevitable that an Irish stone would be used at that stage.

In the book she comes across as slightly vague as to precisely which was the dominant catalyst: the money or the politics, but in the interview she says: “…there was much debate in the D

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