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My colleague Deputy Eoin Ryan is wondering what should happen to the Customs House now that the Department of the Environment is moving to Wexford. Seeing as the Customs House is such a architecturally important monument perhaps it should host a permanent exposition of Dublin architecture (good and bad) and lost (i.e. destroyed) architecture of Dublin. If you have any ideas why not get in contact or post a comment and I will pursue these with Eoin.
[]Michael Turley[/email:2poxc57b]

My suggestions are as follows

1) Knock the building down thus freeing up much needed space on which to build cheap housing
2) Turn it into luxury appartments
3) Knock it down and build the conference centre in it’s place. The vast amount of space it occupies could accomodate a sizeble indoor arena – I reckon the area freed up could accomodate a 10,000 seater arena
4) Turn it into a theme park. I imaging this would be a first internationally? A massive theme park in the centre of a major city. What a boast!!

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