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actually – I will just clear this up before it’s all lost in a fog of psychobabble

not sure what you mean but, as someone who has passed all the RIBA exams (CK note) after completing an accredited course (CK note) over a 10 year period (CK note) for a not insubstantial financial outlay (CK note) I am entitled to register as an architect in the UK through the ARB – it is important to note that I would still need to use that ARB qualification to become an MRIAI in order to use the title in Ireland – and pay for the privilege (CK note). The RIBA is divorced from registration – it is useful really only as a recognisable architectural qualification where clients are concerned but, in reality, it’s a very expensive monthly magazine

It raises the question however – if there was an ARBI in Ireland would we be having all this talk of “clubs” and “closed shops”? an ARBI would probably still use the same qualification criteria

An ARBI would surely match the registration procedure in other EU countries, and have a grand-father clause permitting all professionals like me to register. It would also not mislead the public when advertising.

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