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@PVC King wrote:

There is a large difference between misconduct and claiming to be something you are not; sadly the internet has opened many opportunities for conpersons to buy qualifications of no merit and masquerade as architects doectors etc; membership of a professional association enables prospective clients to check that the membership is valid and that the qualifications have been vetted by professionals who know the sector including the good from the bad feeder educational routes.

Most CPD is peer driven i.e. practitioners versus full time academics; much of it can be internal if the firm has the resources. What membership organisations do is that they provide the platform for smaller practices to create the numbers to ensure that events arte viable.

A talented designer will always get work; they simply need to be honest as to what their professional qualifications are; safe to say Mies is from a different era he was ahead of his time; unlike proper regulation which is decades late.

You state there is discrimination against professionally unqualified architects; beyond not calling themselves architects where is the discrimination; if you went to a hospital and it were busy and the complaint not to complex would you object to the nurse treating you? Would he object to not being called a doctor? But if the problem is complex would you not want a professionally qualified architect?

Many MRIAI have no qualification, they never been to university. They were given membership because they were on the Minister list.

Why shall someone be doing the work of an architect without being permited to call himself / herself an architect? Don’t you think that this is a non-sense?

The term “Architect” first defines a profession, isn’t it?

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