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I never heard of Hook employment before. But over the last couple of weeks I wondered why Hook employment was constantly in my head! This morning I found out why. I saw a cyclist pass me out with Hook written on his back. It proves a point that good advertising doesn’t have to be expensive. The Hook employment ajency found a valuable advertising space, which didn’t require planning permission, like DCC’s signs! (Theres DCC again) The cyclists were mobilised to do the work of being billboards! See how synergistic the relationship is? See how much welfare it provides? The cyclists need the vests anyhow. The relationship is good for everyone. Ali Grehan is right about the need for cultural integration in this country. It is about successful projects collaboratively realised. I don’t think hi-vis vests are the answer to Ireland’s social, political and economic problems. But it does provide a useful case study to work with. What Ali Grehan needs to understand, is the biggest and most expensive cultural divide in Ireland today, is that, that exists between public and private enterprise. The conversation doesn’t exist between these two monoliths at the moment. They need to find a common ground and a common language. The casualties will pile up on both sides, until we find the solution(s). The slaughter is costing the country a fortune each day to maintain.

Enjoy the PDF version. Over and out.

Brian O’ Hanlon

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