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Well actually he has some good points. I think the major point is that in order to maintain a competitive position in the global economy we are going to have to start building commercial office space and creating standards of corporate service which begins to compare with those beginning to emerge world over. We will never compete in size but in means of organisation and levels of services we certainly can.

I’m not saying that any of the examples touted here are ones I’d necessarily look to follow but I totally agree that we need to look at new, innovative forms of office space and ways of working which will attract new investment from multinationals – and more importantly now – begin to encourage innovation and entrepreneurialism in the economy.

We need to aim at becoming a highly skilled, highly innovative economy at the forefront of new technology and business practices. To do this our infrastructure must enable it. So in this sense what is right for London, is right for Beijing, and IS right for Dublin. I’m not talking about architectural style or context here but means of allowing this development in business and economy.

This is where the DDDA have failed to provide.

O and by the way I would try not to be so dismissive of peoples opinions. Brian O Hanlon took the time to voice his opinion and encourage debate and then to go referring to him by his second name smacks of superiority and arrogance.

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