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The film was “Man On Wire”, “Man On Fire” was something completely different.
I am constantly bemused by these rambling.
I should hope, that your Thomond Park engineer is not representative of engineers in general and that this is either an inaccurate portrayal on your part or he is a poor engineer. Having one formula that can mathematically determine the capacity of an arch is roughly analagous to having an architectural thesis or style, (Libeskind or Ghery being an example of a generic, repeatable style) but this certinally does not mean that all works of architecture are then the same any more than every arch is the same, in any site the engineer has to account for soil types, relevant loads, etc, so the idea of calibrating wave energy converters out in open seas, is neither novel nor interesting as a concept. (And a rather bizzare and obscure analogy at that)
However all the academics aside, the simple fundamental flaw of all your arguments, is that what is right for London, is right for Beijing, is right for Dublin, and I should hope it is a good thing that there are those of us “who find the time to imagine everything as unique and special”, and realise that X area of office space in Dublin is not the same as X area of office space somewhere else.

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