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Indeed, as Beijing did use Canary Wharf’s Canada tower as a direct reference. Arup Engineers describe the CCTV building as like 4 no. One Canada Square buildings, put together. If you can imagine it as doubled, with two horizontal Canada Square towers, top and bottom in the attached image.

The reason I asked about Canary Wharf is that despite finding it a fascinating place in many respects, I feel it stands for everything that is wrong with contemporary urbanism. It is over-scaled, cut off from its surroundings and privately controlled. I am not going to defend much of what has been done in the docks in recent years, but I really hope that it does not end up being anything like Canary wharf.

With regards the CCTV comparison, perhaps there is some form of engineering cross-over, but I would imagine the same could be said for countless other commercial buildings built in various locations around the world in recent years. It seems to me, and correct me if I am wrong, that many commentators outside of China have become obsessed with this building based purely on its iconic image, and have no real idea of what it is like in the flesh (is it finished yet?). I am not denying that it is an impressive looking piece of architecture, but questioning whether anyone truly knows anything about it. I would be somewhat dubious of using it – as an example of the representation of a state controlled media – to uphold the virtues of a Canary Wharf model. Which brings me back loosely to my original question; i.e, is this what we want for Dublin’s docks?

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