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Greg, with Olympia & York going bankrupt in 1992 (associated with the commercial property slump which hit London at the time), much of Canary Wharf remained unbuilt until the late 1990s, and early 2000s.

ps, nice photos. Particularly the first one

I think the Sears tower, was it in Chicago? Sears had to vacate the building shortly after building it, so cut costs. That is a common fact of life in today’s office buildings. It is quite a challenge to make a return on a building type that has such a short life cycle of around 20 yrs.

In Terminal 2, in Dublin Airport they are installing information/comms services which they hope will have a lifespan of 10 yrs. Recall also, the Llyods building by Rogers in London, where he exposed the service ducting, in the hope it might extend the useful life of the structure. Given the temporal nature of these building types, I find it hard to understand why people get their nickers in a knot over a banking HQ on North Wall Quay.

Brian O’ Hanlon

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