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I had a ramble around the docks at the weekend and while there are the makings of some nice vistas and views, (particulary the Grand Canal basin area) it is however very disappointing that the docks remain unfinished overall . After more than 15 years of a massive building boom it should look substantially a lot better. The O2 (Point Depot) doesn’t look that impressive either from across the river. Pity the Point Tower is postponed as well as the U2 tower being a non event. Compared to the massively scaled Canary Wharf in London which they built and completed in the 1980’s (not forgetting the IRA blowing part of it up in the 90’s) the Dublin docks is again very disappointing as it remains half built and very unfinished.

You have to realise, the docklands was mostly about ‘stunted growth’. From the initial projects such as Charlotte Quay by the Carroll/OMP partnership, which James Pike refers to himself as a ‘stump’. Paul Maloney is going on about this 5 billion in investment, and 7 million sq feet of new development. Heck the Chinesse accomodated 7 million sq feet in one development alone, the CCTV building designed by Rem Koolhaas. The docklands projects were mostly small and stunted developments. The investments were wasteful and fanciful. Many projects (Some on Townsend St spring to my mind) spending an absolute fortune, to achieve very little.

Mind you, similar observations were made about post 1990s boom Berlin city also. The city’s regeneration was much publicised. But the concensus from many who visited the new area and new projects was a disappointing one. The only regeneration in recent years that has met with widespread surprise and approval was that of Barcelona’s transformation from the 1980s through to early 1990s.

Brian O’ Hanlon

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