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@ctesiphon wrote:

Tonight’s Prime Time (RTE 1, 9:30 pm) is examining the inner workings and value for money of the DDDA. Should be worth a look.

Interesting indeed.

I happen to possess a dated dictaphone recording of DDDA’s public talk in last May ’08. Where the authority gloated over its achievement and presented their prize new office scheme. That which is now halted. Also sitting on the panel that evening, giving her own presentation was Ali Grehan, Dublin City Architect for DCC.

? ? ? How can everyone claim now, there was something secret ? ? ?

? ? ? When it was the subject of public presentation lectures ? ? ?

It is a cynical example of how a public service works. How one public body, in this case RTE broadcasting (the one with the biggest megaphone) can be employed to do ‘damage control’ for another. Who need the CCTV building in Beijing eh? Particularly revealing for those of you familiar with Noam Chomsky, is the sophisticated employment of a token ‘expert’ in urban design, Frank McDonald to accrue some level of credibility to this report.

Noam Chomsky’s points raised in You Tube broadcasts on the ‘Myth of the Liberal’ media, spring to mind here. The media rolls some credible ‘expert’ onto the stage, at the opportune time. That in turn allows the media it to say what it wants to say, and rubber stamp it.

Brian O’ Hanlon

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