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The problem i see with the docklands or any new large scale development, is the lack of steet life

legal disclaimer -bear in mind these are only my quick casual observances!!
and im sure im out of my depth here…..

the ground floor of any substantial building needs to integrate some forms of small ground floor commercial businesses

The main street of IFSC1 i think Mayor st? could have been so much better if every building had the ground floor chopped up into small retail units fronting onto the street.
Like small deli , restaurant , dentist , chipper, locksmith etc etc. (emphasis on promoting small business) Not huge entire ground floors given over to large corporate chain stores
When i was around there last there was a single spar for the entire area, nothing more to entice anyone to venture inside past the guards at the gate on Amiens street. Very dull

Also down at the new Point area i think has some form of shopping centre/mall being built, and a huge open plaza? i may be wrong.
Wide open spaces and enclosed shopping centres, as far as i can see, are no way to create a buzzing urban environment

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