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is it really cheaper to reclaim land gunter, is it really cheaper to protect that land nad land near from flooding, that commercial question for you!

Land has already been reclaimed, over centuries in a semi-planned way, and more recently, in a ad hoc unplanned way, The question is, do you say, OK, let’s stop doing this and leave it the way it is now, protect the mud flats as a habitat, or whatever, or do you say, Let’s look at the shapeless mess we’ve made and actually re-plan it, design an urban/recreational/flood defence/canal quarter, or whatever, interface between the city and the bay as though we intended a 21st century contribution to the form of the city on the scale of the 18th and 19th century contributions.

It doesn’t have to be Llandudno, with a prominade and amusments, there must be fifty different options.

It looks totally self evident to me that a city of Dublin’s scale and geographical assets should sort out it’s relationship with the bay, and maybe do it in a way that resolves future flooding issues at the same time. Putting preservation orders on tracts of mud flat may be green and well intentioned, but it spectacularly misses the bigger picture.

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