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Very interesting article in the I.T. on saturday.

If what is reported is true, the whole Dublin Port / Dublin Bay / Poolbeg debate could really come to a head in the next few months.

Every critical factor seems to be in play at the same time:

Land reclamation for Port expansion, a final land grab before assets are liquidated?
Port relocation; in part, or in full?, medium term, or long term? to Bremore or closer to home?
The Dublin Bay Task Force; multi disciplinary expert group, or bear pit of vested interests?
Dublin Bay; an urban interface, or a wildlife squat?
Poolbeg; pier, or peninsula? sewage plant and waste incinerator, or isolated urban quarter? or a bit of everything?

The worrying thing is that, if we look at all the parties involved, DDDA, DCC, Dublin Port Co., senior councils, rent a consultants, politicians, bird watchers, residents committees, seal and dolphin groups, where’s the visionary leadership going to come from?

If I had to nominate a single person, who just might have the optimism necessary to drive something like this towards a visionary conclusion, it might be our old fiend, Kieran Rose, and it would have the added benefit of keeping him out of harms way for a couple of decades.

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