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I’m goin’ have start reading the paper earlier in the day.

On the Dublin Bay Task Force, Cllr. Bronwen Maher has a letter in the IT responding to the letter yesterday from Lorna Kelly (refered to above, the one about the Task Force not having any representation from the Seal and Dolphin Watch etc.)

It says:

‘As chair of the Task Force I can assure Ms. Kelly that my main priority is the protection of Dublin Bay’s environment and wildlife habitats.’

This isn’t going to be a ‘Master Plan’, it’s going to be another Warblers charter. That can’t be the extent of our vision, Where’s Cuffe? He would know better, why isn’t Cuffe the chair of this task force? This is too important for any internal Green Party polticking.

The ill-considered Dun Laoghaire Baths episode has turned everyone against ‘development’ having any role in this debate, but Dun Laoghaire is a completely different context. There you already had a defined sea front of considerable architectural merit. Most of Dublin Bay has no architectural definition. If the Task Force, (taking it’s lead from the stated position of it’s chair), sees it’s role as protecting the status quo, DCC will push ahead with making a peninsula out of Poolbeg, (fracturing the unity of the Bay in the process), the Port Authority will continue to prevaricate about it’s future, while busily reclaiming as much foreshore as they can get away with, the DDDA will continue to sell the line that they’re the only people who can deliver anything exciting, so get it while it’s goin’, and we’ll all be dead before the next Abercrombie scale ‘Vision for the Future’ emerges.

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