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On Gormley’s ‘Dublin Bay Task Force’, there was a letter to the editor in the IT yesterday complaining that yet more interest groups ‘such as the Sandymount & Merion Residents’ Association, the Naturalists’ Field Club?, seal and dolphin groups, together with fishing and diving interests, amongst others . .’ weren’t represented.

These are probably all very worthy organisations, but the danger here is that the Task Force, even without these further additions, will see it’s role as little more than balancing the competing interests in recommendations that protect a mud flat here and allow for a bit of port expansion there, but the overall opportunity to envisage ways in which Dublin could ‘front up’ to Dublin Bay will be lost.

There was none of that sort on nonsense in Abercrombie’s day, the Warblers had to fend for themselves back then.

I’m not advocating we go back to the Abercrombie Plan of 1922, (although his ‘Power Citadel’ at Pigeon House is an image to conjure with), but I would argue that the ‘Master Plan’ that the Task Force are charged with creating should be an urban vision first and foremost, with environmental, commercial and vested interests lower down in the list of priorities.

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