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As a resident, I’m predicting traffic chaos if this scheme is implemented.. not an architect, am interested to see the opinions of people better qualified to comment than I am.. If traffic is not allowed under the bridge, what if people getting taxis want to head south? What will happen to the already contentious and volatile taxi rank that currently exists? Was the overhead bridge that Google proposed refused permission, does anyone know?

Don’t know enough about traffic in the area to comment but I did wonder at the scheme when I saw it. Its must surely add traffic to adjoining residential streets. Its also refurbishing one end of the street while the other remains a dump – is that really fair. Surely Google’s purse (and I imagine they are paying for this) could extend to the rest of the street. Lets just get it done!

From reading the plans the proposed three-way link bridge appears to be considered. I cant find the exact planning applications to confirm it…I haven’t the patience to read through the various applications listed.

Did you comment on the application gezdub….you should do. Its a completely pointless waste of time with DCC-originating applications if Grafton Street/Mountjoy Square/Thomas Street QBC/etc etc are to go by. 🙂

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