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@fergalr wrote:

Cheers, Crosbie. A cheap looking Ferris Wheel in the middle of nowhere, erected between the fringe of an unfinished city quarter and hundreds of acres of port. Oh, the landmarks!!

Such vision…

It’ll fit right in with the winner of the Point Depot competition – The Parlour.

Basically this was a wall of containers to frame the space the STW tower now won’t be built on.

Someone needs to tell Harry to stick to the path he is treading to improve the area, backing the convention centre and the theatre was perfect, but proletarian references beside a new STW sun blind and a beautiful old store building – not so good.

People want to be proud of their area in the inner city, not see it become a version of Bray seafront or the Dun Laoghaire Festival of World Cultures.

And when the tower finally does get built, I hope it’ll look better than the graph paper exercise they included with The Parlour brief.

Wouldn’t you just keel over and expire if someone at STW rediscovered the arch?

Is this such a design challenge for neo-rationalists and modernists?


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