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@gunter wrote:

Will it start out as some ancilliary facility serving Drogheda Port that then has to quadruple in capacity to take some re-located Dublin Port traffic?

Will a new port facility at Bremore be ring fenced as strictly a ‘port’, or will it become a de-facto urban centre, with a port, another bead on the neklace of east coast con-urbation?

If Bremore inevitably becomes an urban centre, will it start off with a ‘planning cap’ that will, with each successive review of the Development Plan, get raised, then lifted and finally flung in the air, Liffey Valley style?

In response:
Bremore is intended as a large scale deep water port to replace current facilities at Drogheda – it is built to take a largely expanded amount of traffic compared to what Drogheda currently takes (no point aiming small) – it is designed with upscaling in mind

I dont think anyone will want to live at this port facilty – there is nothing zoned residential in the area as the town of Balbriggan is quite close anyway

See above but doubtful, who wants to live boxed-in in a suburb between a motorway, a major port and a rail line (with freight capability)

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