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Did I hear right that the Dublin Port Company’s proposal to in-fill themselves a new chunk of real estate was turned down by Bord Pleanala . . . . on the grounds that the present mud flats at the relevant location are a protected bird habitat?

If this is true, the saddest part of this whole sordid mess is that ‘urban planning’ doesn’t seemed to have entered into the discussion at all. The Port Company’s case was based solely on economic grounds [probably entirely bogus] and the motley crew of objectors, as well as denouncing the flawed economic arguments, hung their case largely on the environment trump card provided by our little mud-lark friends.

The implications of this judgement [if it’s been reported correctly on the radio] is that the current haphazard boundary between the city and the bay, which happens to occur where the last round of in-filling stopped, will become ever more set in stone [or in this case, mud].

Our 18th century forefathers, who delivered the North and South Walls, the Custom House and the entire area were the Docklands now sit, must be looking down on us with a mixture of bewilderment and pity.

While I like a nice bird as much as the next man, is it not the case that birds are the most mobile species on the planet? and is it not the case that there are perfectly comparable acres of mud to be had at Baldoyle and Malahide, no more than a couple of minutes flight time to these lads?

Did anyone even stop to consider that maybe these poor little blighters may not particularly like living in the mud in the first place, maybe they’d actually prefer to live in trees like normal birds, but maybe that wouldn’t suit the ornithological poverty industry with their notions of caste and their Lidl binoculars, maybe they wouldn’t want these little lads to better themselves and climb out of the primordial ooze, at least not when they can be pressed into service so effectively to defeat evil planning applications.

Ok, I need to read up a bit about birds, but either way the conclusions I’d draw from this whole extend-Dublin-Port saga are:

Nobody has a vision of what the relationship between the city and the bay should be. . . . and nobody’s in charge.

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