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@Bago wrote:

Is there any chance of . . . . . a real, consistant medium rise urban quarter with shops, cafes, people, parks. Are we allergic to Urbanism? siiiiiiigh

With that in mind, it’s worth looking at what has been devilered in the docklands to date:

the theatre is a genuine signiture building which is going to fill the architectural mags for the next few months, but how is whole urban quarter thing working out?

there’s one semi-diagonal cut that ends in a bit of a vista of the old brick chimney and a bit of the side wall of the new theatre, but even this is a bit half-hearted and interupted by a glass security barrier.

I know this is a Sunday in February, but is there something missing? Is this ‘cool’, or is this sterile?

stone cladding, glass, concrete and steel . . . . and a missed vista to the NCC

more stone cladding, glass, concrete and steel

the vista from the quays ends in an anonymous bit of the side cladding [stainless steel] of the new theatre.

Better photography would probably make this look fantastic, but is it fantastic?

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