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So after misplacing the decimal point in the contract for the Poolbeg Sewage Treatment Plant, Dublin City Council then signed a Faustian covenant with an furnace outfit called . . . . wait for it . . . . Covanta to [build and?] operate the Poolbeg Rubbish Incinerator.

Poolbeg, apparently, is that dank, out of sight, corner of the garden where you stick the compost bin and cracked flower pots :rolleyes: . . . . nice

You would like to think that there’s some master plan at work here, some strategy perhaps to harness the prevailing winds in a devious ploy to deposit noxious odours and toxic fall-out on Sellafield, but unfortunately, I suspect that Poolbeg just happens to be the only patch of ground that Dublin City Council actually own that’s not within half a mile of some third-party-objector’s house.

The fact that Poolbeg also happens to be the focal point of Dublin Bay and the city’s [potential] one true urban edge, was never going to get in the way of a good deal and Covanta, presumably, were selling a good deal.

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