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@gunter wrote:

Or Bram Stoker drinking Sheridan while stood in a brass fountain!

It’s odd that your attachment to gritty urbanism didn’t extend to the Loopline bridge:


”this monstrosity . . . its bulky blackness lacks any elegance whatsoever”.

We’ll see what elegance bulky containers add. I just hope nobody hurts themselves on the cutting edge.

Yes we will. I don’t pre-judge any future scheme on the basis of the materials used, I judge based upon whether or not it is likely to be aesthetically pleasing and even challenging when it’s complete. Give me a reason why we should be acting like the gaggle of menopausal fishwives on this website who bitch and moan about every single last thing that is proposed that is not a reserved, highly contextual redbrick infill in a historic streetscape. If it’s built and it’s shit, tear it down. It’s not any more likely to be shit than everything else in the Docklands, and I’d say it’s a lot more likely to be less. And this particular work is not a necessarily very long-term structure built right in front of and blocking the view of, say, Leinster House.

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