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If Dublin port (except the passenger ferry element) up stakes and moves to Bremore, there is little doubt that this will contribute to a creeping conurbation of the east coast, as predicted by Conor Skehan (see The Skehan/Sirr Plan thread).

As I understand it, Bremore is the child of a property development company, not a transportation company. You don’t have to be a twisted cynic to figure out that the motivation behind Bremore could be as much to do with creating a property developers paradise out of an featureless headland (Prof. George Eogan’s mounds aside) as it is about catering for the nation’s expanding business in freight trade.

Then there is the property developers paradise painstakingly created on all that reclaimed land that the port authority will be vacating. You don’t have to be a twisted cynic to figure out that maybe half this reclaimed land may have been reclaimed for exactly this purpose in the first place, under the guise of ‘urgently needed additional space to serve an exponential increase in container traffic’, or words to that effect.

Remember a few years ago when some naive parties suggested shifting some of the port’s vast container parks and bulk storage facilities inland a bit to take the pressure off the demands for more land reclamation at the port, and then they were never heard of again, and their seemingly logical idea got buried so deep it will take an archaeologist to dig it up.

If a modern port is just a giant machine taking containers off one mode of transport and sticking them on another, why can’t it be made like a machine?, several oil rigs welded together, and stuck out in the bay like some intriguing distant aircraft carrier joined to the nation’s road and rail network by some cheap sunken tube tunnels and forget about creating another sprawling industrial mega-compound with limitless development potential all over Prof. Eogan’s burial mounds.

Dublin and it’s port would stay connected, the drive to east coast conurbation would hit a small bump in the road, and the existing port lands can still become a great new Post Port Urban Coastal Quarter, or whatever the terminology will be in 2050.

Sorry about the low grade graphics.

I notice from the Admiralty chart of Dublin Bay, that the boundary of the Dublin Port Authority extends out beyond the line of Howth / Killiney to the ‘Burford Bank’, which means that they would have the authority to do this if they wanted to. Though with their track record they’d probably try to turn it into a sprawling reclaimed island that would eventually join up with Dublin’s two premier property hot spots, Howth and Dalkey.

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