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Yeah I know gareth, everyone’s desperate for money. You should see what Meath County Council are granting permission for in a desperate rates grab out in Carton, an important 18th cen. estate which is already half wrecked by development. Belive me, it’s shocking. There’s no excuse re the old DDDA office. Clear campshires is in their masterplan. There plenty of locatinds for that type of activity; eg that huge site between Spencer Dock and Point that’s not likely to be developed now for some time … get some incubation units in there.

I still think the incubation units have to be within easy walking distance of the major campuses. At least the campshire location is still only a 5 minute walk from Trinity. When you get to Trinity college, you are also on a very fast track bus corridor to UCD campus. Imagine the CO2 emissions saved by having it all joined up in this way.

As I have mentioned elsewhere, the developments such as Irish Life, Busarus, IFSC, CHQ all need to be re-invented and re-used to create low level activity close to the main buzz of things in Dublin city. Otherwise the economy doesn’t stand a chance of boot strapping itself up again. We need to provide floor space where it is accessible.

I would be the first person in general though to support the argument for improving and extending the pedestrian realm.

Brian O’ Hanlon

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