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@Devin wrote:

What?! That is fucking outrageous!! According to the article posted here, it was supposed to have been demolished in “late 2005”:

3 and a half years later, it’s still there, obscuring progress along the north campshire and visually and physically spoiling the approach to Sean O’Casey Bridge.

It was assumed they decided not to bother removing it til all the works further down were finishing up, then all the obstacles could be removed at once …. but now they say they want to lease it “1-3 years to start with” .. Holy mother of sweet jaysus ..

It was nice to have the luxury of this point of view for a few years during the Celtic Tiger, when the public coffers were bulging to capacity. I have to say, I think using the old CHQ headquarters should have been done years ago. I think it is a step in the right direction. It might perform the function of allowing some young enterprise to start up its business and attract some small scale activity into that area. Which it lacks greatly at the moment, because of the prsence of so many large behemoth office blocks. The more of the large type, single tenant blocks you get in the docklands area, the more convinced the builders (who hold freeholds for all the land down there remember) become, that accomodating large single tenants is the only way to go. In reality, it is the wrong way to go.

I couldn’t care if it was a line of prefabs on the campshires personally, as long as it is doing something to provide stimulus in that area. Remember, the failure of American banks has left a complete gaping void in the docklands ‘master plan’. The master plan was devised for a different time. Its origins must be at least 25 years old at this stage. I expect some off shoot from Trinity College, or the National University of Ireland to occupy the space and start providing some kind of employment for the 50,000 or so graduates ending up on the life register this summer. The location of the CHQ headquarters is ideal for any number of projects trying to startup at the moment, looking at solutions to re-wire the economy and re-direct thousands of lives in a new direction. This public tendering process is a formality that DDDA have to go through. We have to get creative now people, get used to it. Too many lives depend on our coming up with solutions, even if they are interim solutions, as opposed to well worked out, long term sustainable development plans.

Brian O’ Hanlon

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