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All of these new rail developments are exciting and take place alongside a bus service that is, and will remain the work–horse of the public transport system in the Dublin area. That is why we have funded the purchase of additional and replacement buses by Dublin Bus to the tune of €45 million in 2006 and 2007 and why Transport 21 will continue to underpin major investment in bus services up to 2015.

I welcome in particular the fact that the project has been delivered three months ahead of schedule and is expected to be completed significantly under budget, at approximately €20 million. I congratulate Iarnród Éireann and its contractors and advisors on this achievement, which maintains Iarnród Éireann’s good record of delivering major projects on time and within budget.

April the 14th is coming : ) :p

does this picture make any sense to you at all…
reminds me of tara station except alot nicer at 20 million and the context is nice and plain
was tara always meant to be a temporary station it sure looks like it???

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